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Anyway, the subject up there is the secondary reason to me posting a rare entry. 

The main reason is to talk about my exchange trip and my travels and what not. I shall be a romantic, I will try. But before I really do sing my praises about the 5 months away from Singapore, I really need to talk about a house mate who is just starting to cook.

Yes. He is starting to cook dinner. At 12 midnight. And usually, the place stinks like a BBQ pit after he's done. My room is directly outside the kitchen so I can smell & hear everything while he busies himself. He likes to play the guitar and sing at the top of his voice. It was cool at first and his original written songs are nice, but I don't really want to hear them at 1 am in the morning, right after his midnight dinner(supper).

You know what, that dude really needs to respect his house mates and give them the peace and quiet they need at night.

I guess I will have to try being a romantic next time. I'm kinda pissed.
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